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Different ways to provide a script

Scripts, screenshots, recordings...a.k.a. "What exactly do I need to get started?"

What makes good sym content?

A good sym is short and focused.  

"But our calls are usually 15-20 minutes long! We want the syms to be realistic." 

The key to mastery is practice. The more reps you get in, the more muscle memory you develop, and the more confident you become with the task.

The best way to get people to repeat an exercise is to make it short and focused. 

Think about it. Would YOU watch a 15 minute how-to video over and over again even if you really only needed to see the last 3 minutes? Would YOU want to run a 15 minute sym over and over again when you really only need practice with the last 3 minutes? 

Give your trainees the ability focus on specific parts of the conversation instead of having to practice the entire call every time. If there is a LONG conversation or call type that you want people to master, break it into multiple syms and group them together into a module

For more secrets for success, check out this article: 


What files are needed to build the sym?


1. Word script* (.docx or .doc format)

2.  Storyboard (HUGE time saver for everyone involved)
    • Ensures screenshots are high quality and tells sym creator exactly which script lines go with each screenshot
    • Download template here
    • Cut and paste one screenshot per page; size it to fit the space
    • Script lines and screen interactions (hotspots) go in the blue box next to screenshot
    • You want:
      • Clear, focused images.  If the screen shot looks blurry when placed in the size to fit space, make the image smaller until it is not blurry. If the image is too small to be read, then the quality of the screen shot should be addressed. 
      • At least 100 KB file size (NO low-resolution images)
      • 1920x1080 aspect ratio ideal, but other sizes will work
      • More info  https://help.symtrain.com/knowledge/step-4-images

Where can I find scripts?

The easiest place to start is in your own training content.

  1. Existing training content (manuals, role play scripts, etc.). 


  1. Call recordings from production floor*
    • Short (under 10 minutes)

    • .wav or .mp3 format

    • Must have only two voices present in order to upload successfully to SymTrain

    • If more than two voices present, try generating a transcript first using Microsoft Word online's transcription feature 


  1. Role play recording – you and a colleague*
    • Short (under 10 minutes)
    • .wav, .mp3, or .mp4 format
    • Must have only two voices present

*Recordings that meet the criteria listed can be used in lieu of a Word script (item 1) during the sym build process.