Measuring Success with SymTrain

What needles can we watch for movement?

Here are some ways to measure success with SymTrain. Some are industry-specific, while others are universal. 

Increase in

  1. employee confidence (measure with survey)
  2. carrier sales margins
  3. # of customers 
  4. loads per carrier or shipper (measure every 3/6/9 months) 

Decrease in

  1. hours required for training facilitator to deliver content 
  2. hours required for training facilitator to assess trainees’ performance 
  3. hours required for role play training (e.g. “Jana no longer spends 4 hours each week doing role play training with new hires”) 
  4. hours/days needed for a trainee to complete training on (insert topic)
  5. hours required for a manager to assess employee performance on a specific task
  6. people-hours needed to assess trainee proficiency in pitching a trucking load to a potential carrier 
  7. training resource costs 
  8. # of call escalations
  9. attrition (e.g. “in 1st 90 days, attrition decreased from 50% to 25%”)
  10. # of new Medicare enrollments within 1st 8 weeks of training 
  11. average call handling time for customer support reps (because they’re more proficient and efficient at guiding customer troubleshooting over the phone)