Adding, editing and changing content script lines

What is a node in SymTrain?

A node is a script line.

The Coach Voice name you enter for the sym in this screen can be whatever you choose. However it MUST MATCH what you have in the uploaded script, and it is case sensitive.


The Agent or Trainee name cannot be changed.


Here is another example. Below are two nodes.

which can be combined into a single node as shown:

In general shorter nodes are better. However, in advanced syms (script lines not shown), for an effective keyword scoring experience, you should combine nodes as shown above so that the trainee has the best chance to score points for the keywords First, Last, name, and number. If you were to keep the nodes separate as in the first example, then the trainee would ONLY score points if they said something, then hit the space bar to proceed to the next node, and then used the keywords First, Last, name, and number. This makes the conversation unnatural. 


BP 1.4 Best Practices 


A node is a single speech bubble. Keep them small (3-5 lines max) so trainees aren’t confronted with walls of text/large paragraphs.