Troubleshooting Tips

Things to try when you're having problems

If you are experiencing issues with SymTrain, try these in order:

  1. Refresh the webpage
  2. Clear cache/cookies
    1. Chrome
      1. Click Tools Menu (3 dots in upper right corner)
      2. Select History
      3. Select Clear Browsing Data on left. Set time range. 
      4. Close out chrome and reopen
    2. Edge
      1. Select Settings (Upper right corner of browser)
      2. Select Privacy, Search, and Services
      3. Select Choose what to clear under Clear Browsing data
      4. Select time range
      5. Select Cookies and other Site data
      6. Click Clear Now
  3. Log out and log back in
  4. Change web browsers
    1. If you are using Chrome, try Edge and vice versa
    2. Make sure to try both browsers and clear cache/cookies on each browser (Refer to step #1 to clear cache/cookies)
  5. If your audio is not working, make sure you have enabled your microphone. 
  6. Reach out to trainer
    1. If the steps above don't resolve the issue, contact your trainer for help.
    2. Screen share with your trainer to help verify issue