SC13. Build visual sym (condensed version)

Build a visual Sym in under 15 minutes!

This is the sym you will build:

1. Gather resources. (38 second video)

Download the contents of this folder. This video explains what all the files are.

2. Add sym info. (40 second video)

Log into SymTrain, click on Create New Sym, and add sym info.

3. Add script. (43 second video)

This also shows you how to edit and add script lines. 

4. Add keywords. (31 second video)

5. Attach audio. (50 second video)

6. Add images. (20 second video)

7. Add script lines and hotspots to images. (2:01 minute video)

8. Add a sym overview video. (optional but highly recommended)

Head to this article to find out how to add one. 


Congratulations, you've published your first sym!

For a more in-depth tutorial on how to build this sym, check out the article SC14. How to build visual sym (Full tutorial)