How to build a visual sym

Building a Sym with images, hotspots and interactions

Learn how to build a sym, and get detailed information on the various features available to sym creators. 

For a condensed version of this video, see SC13. How to build visual sym (condensed).

This is the sym being built in the video:

To  build the sym being shown, follow the process below.

1. Gather resources. (5:15 minute video)

Download the contents of this folder. This video explains what all the files are.

2. Add sym info. (6:38 minute video)

3. Add script. (4:01 minute video)

4. Add keywords. (5:22 minute video)

5. Attach audio. (2:37 minute video)

6. Add images. (2:03 minute video)


7. Add script lines and hotspots to images. (18:03 minute video)

8. Add a sym overview video. (Optional but highly recommended)

Head to this article to find out how to add one. 

Congratulations, you've published your first sym!


Last updated 20221103