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Tips & tricks for sym creation

We've all seen movies with great special effects but awful storylines. 

Who wants to watch bloated movies that drag on forever....all flash and no substance? No one, and no one wants to run bloated syms either. 

Here's how to ensure people find your syms both enjoyable and valuable. 

There are two aspects to sym creation:

  1. Design: the bones of a good sym
  2. Build: the mechanics of using our platform

This article covers the Design of a good sym. You will learn how to

  1. Recognize a Rock Star sym
  2. Rate your own sym
  3. Plan syms
  4. Organize and structure syms
  5. Save your time and sanity when creating syms
  6. Make syms harder and more realistic over time
  7. Get scripts and screenshots
  8. Apply Pixar's blockbuster strategies to your syms
  9. More best practices

1. What a Rock Star sym looks like (4:14 minutes)

HubSpot Video

2. How to rate your own sym (52 seconds)

HubSpot Video

3. How to Plan Good Syms (4:18 minutes)

HubSpot Video

4. How to organize and structure syms (2:31 minutes)

HubSpot Video

5. Time and sanity savers (1:46 minutes)

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6. Making syms harder and more realistic over time

An example from the logistics and transportation industry; pitching a carrier sales load (2:32 minutes)

HubSpot Video


An example from the beauty salon industry (2:47 minutes)

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7. Where to get scripts and screenshots

Scroll down to the bottom of this article for information on getting scripts and screenshots.

8. Apply Pixar's blockbuster strategies to your syms!

Here are their 22 secrets to making great movies. 

9. More Best Practices





  1. Add alphanumeric code at beginning of sym name (e.g. CSS1 for Carrier Sales Sym 1). Makes searching for and managing syms much faster and easier
  2. Add .v at end of alphanumeric code to flag syms that are visual; e.g. CSS1.v
  3. Sym name = CONCISE description of the problem it solves or situation being simulated. NOT something generic like “Customer support” or “Business Development”